Yoga & Physical Therapy Combining the best of both practices...

Because of her Physical Therapy background, Laura focuses on alignment, efficient and purposeful activation of appropriate musculature in each pose and transition, the attention to our bodies and their signals on and off the mat, and how yoga can apply to our daily movements and postures.


During class or one-on-one sessions, Laura offers modifications for poses based on student ability, injury or condition and adjustments to allow you to fully experience a pose or relaxation.


Laura has been trained in Hatha Yoga, but incorporates different styles and techniques as they apply to an individual, as the pose allows, or as the rhythm of the class dictates.  With the firm belief that every body is different, Laura tailors every pose  to each body for optimal benefit.

Current Class Schedule


Carrboro Yoga Company

Yoga for Healthy Aging

Mondays, 3:00 PM


Alignment Yoga

Tuesdays & Fridays, 4:30 PM


Yoga for Daily Life

Wednesdays and Saturdays, 3:00 PM


Yoga & PT Studio

Wednesdays, 7:15 PM

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Small Group Classes

by appointment at Yoga & PT studio in southern Chapel Hill. Contact Laura for more information.


Southern Village Clubhouse

Flow & Stretch Yoga

Fridays, 8:30-9:30 AM



Morehead Planetarium

•Special Offering•

Yoga Under the Stars

Wednesday, January 24

 5:30-6:30 PM


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Sun Salutation Video

Down Dog Primer

Short online yoga practices with Laura are now available online:


Wrist Care

Hips and Lower Body

Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back

Back and Pelvis

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