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What is Integrated Positional Therapy


Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT for short) is a gentle therapy that is effective in alleviating neuromuscular pain. IPT treats pain, not just the symptoms, but addresses its root cause: muscular or postural imbalance.  This therapy is based on osteopathic techniques of Muscle Energy Technique and Strain/Counterstrain. These techniques are used to bring the body back into alignment and out of pain gently and quickly by correcting muscular imbalances and realigning the body’s structure.


Muscles that are either too short or too long cause misalignment and skeletal imbalance.  Both short and long muscles can cause pain and muscular tension.  Since every muscle is attached to bones, tight muscles pull the frame of the body out of alignment.  This skeletal misalignment leads to compression of the connective tissue, nerves and cartilage, which results in less oxygenated blood getting to these tissues.  Most neuromuscular pain is related to this lack of oxygenation to these tissues, called ischemia.


What to expect with an IPT session

Each session begins with a thorough postural assessment.  The treatment itself involves placing affected muscles in a position of relaxation by passively shortening or slackening the muscle for at least one minute (SCS) as well as gentle contract/relax stretching (MET).  IPT achieves its benefits by means of an automatic resetting of muscle spindles, allowing muscles to release their tension.  Relief is often immediate and can be long lasting.


Most importantly, the client must be an active participant in their own healing process.  Simple exercises and stretches along with suggestions for changing contributing postures and detrimental habits are given to each client.  This wellness plan addresses the source of the pain and gives the client the power to manage his/her pain even when not in treatment.


The benefits of IPT

Pain that is recalcitrant and has not responded to other medical treatments or therapies, often responds well to IPT.

IPT effectively treats conditions such as:


• headaches

• fibromyalgia

• neck & shoulder pain

• Upper back/shoulder blade pain

• tennis & golfer's elbow

• low back pain

• carpal tunnel syndrome

• knee pain

• plantar fasciitis

• thoracic outlet syndrome

• Sciatica

• Piriformis Syndrome

• IT band tendonitis


Laura has trained under the originator of IPT, Lee Albert, at Kripalu Yoga Institute. Lee is the author of Live Pain Free without Drugs or Surgery: How to use Integrated Positional Therapy to eliminate chronic pain.  For more information about IPT, visit Lee’s website:


Laura is now offering full IPT sessions at the same rate as the Yoga and Physical Therapy sessions. ($110 for the initial visit, $90 for follow up visits.)


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