First Moments Online Helping you document and share your
baby's first moments. First Moments Online Helping you document and share your
baby's first moments.

There are some real advantages to using our service that you can’t get by going it alone.


The last thing you want to do while bonding with your new baby is to drag out the camera or camcorder, but at the same time, this magical moment deserves to be documented. Let us do the work while you relax with your newborn.


While you can get one picture of your newborn from the hospital (and many different sizes of that one photo), having 100 high-quality digital images lets you find the best shots and have them printed in whatever size you choose.


We use a 21 megapixel full-frame DSLR for shooting both the highest-quality still photos as well as stunning 1080p high definition video.  Our equipment is truly state-of-the-art, which means your photos and video will transport you back to that memorable day whenever you watch them.


Documenting these moments is pointless if the media you use is going to degrade quickly. Prints can fade, and regular DVD-Rs are notoriously short-lived. We use only MAM-A Gold Archival DVD-Rs, which will last at least 100 years, so you can relive your child’s first moments with your great-grandchildren!


Sharing pictures of your new baby is something you’ll probably want to do, but it will be hard to get it done until you’re home, and maybe not even then, as you’ll no doubt have other, more pressing concerns. We can get your pictures online before you get home from the hospital - a couple of hours after we leave your room!