First Moments Online Helping you document and share your
baby's first moments. First Moments Online Helping you document and share your
baby's first moments.

Having a baby, while a joyous occasion, can also be a bit overwhelming.  Stuck in the hospital, wanting to share pictures and movies of your new bundle of joy with your family and friends, you may find it hard to find the energy to take all those pictures and videos, much less figure out how to share those photos with your family and friends.


At First Moments Online, we take the hassle and hardship out of documenting and helping you share your first moments with your newborn with your family and friends faster than you’ll believe.

Our Services

Digital Photography

While you’re spending time with your newborn in the hospital, we will very unobtrusively visit you for 15-20 minutes and take 100 photos or so.  Candid shots only - we won’t be posing you or making you uncomfortable.

Online Photo Album & Notification

After taking the pictures and video of you and your newborn, within a few hours we’ll have a private site where family and friends can view them online.  We’ll even notify everyone for you!

High-Definition Video

While photos are important, nothing transports you back to a special moment in time like video.  And if you’re going to have a video, why not go high-definition and really go back in time? Standard definition is available, as well, and we can include both versions.

DVD Slideshow

After getting the online album running, we’ll next focus on a DVD slideshow with a soundtrack of your choosing (we’ll also be happy to provide the music).  This slideshow can be provided in standard and high-definition.

You can either watch this sample video here, or click


to watch it at in high-definition.