First Moments Online Helping you document and share your
baby's first moments. First Moments Online Helping you document and share your
baby's first moments.

What hospitals/birthing centers do you service?

Pretty much any located in Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary, or Raleigh, including but not limited to: UNC Hospitals, The Women’s Birth and Wellness Center, Durham Regional Hospital, Duke Hospital, Wake Med, and Rex Hospital.


When should I contact you?

The sooner the better.  While contacting us right before (or even after) you deliver is all right, letting us get you on our schedule as soon as possible allows us to plan ahead to be available for you when you deliver.


Won’t the camera flash bother my newborn?

It could, which is why we don’t use any flash or artificial lighting during our photography or videography.  Ambient light usually makes for better photos and videos, anyways!


How long will you be in my hospital room?

It generally takes between 15 and 30 minutes to get everything done.  We will try to be as unobtrusive as possible while there, as we understand this is a private time - we’re there to help you document it.


What if my baby comes in the middle of the night?

This wouldn’t be a problem, as we don’t come by right when you make it to your room. You’ll want to have some time alone with your baby and any relatives or friends who are able to visit, so we won’t come until you’re ready - usually several hours after you’ve settled in to you room, at least, often the next day. We try to work on your schedule.


Where will my online photo album be located?

Your album will have its own private webpage, accessible only to those invited by you, or invited by us at your request.


Could you come to my house after we get back from the hospital instead of coming to our hospital room?

We certainly could, if you would rather have the pictures and video taken in that setting, though obviously any online sharing wouldn’t be as immediate.


I don’t have an HDTV, why would I want anything in high-definition?

If you have a computer with a high screen resolution, you may want to watch it there.  Further, you may want to have a high-definition copy for later viewing when HDTVs show up in everyone’s living rooms...


How can I view my high-definition video and slideshow on my HDTV?

If you have a Blu-ray player, we will provide you with an archival gold DVD that is mastered to play in high-definition on your player. Another way to view your video on your HDTV is to connect your computer to it with a compatible cable or through one of the wireless options (such as the Apple TV or Roku Player) which are becoming more common.


When will I receive my slideshow and videos?

Normally you will receive the discs with your slideshow(s) and video(s) within two to three days.


How long is a “short” video?

The video is set to the music of your choosing, and last for the duration of the song. So a running time of three to five minutes is common. Similarly, the slideshow is set to a song of your choosing, so it will be of about the same length.